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GOP Senator Says Trump Is Ready to Start War With North Korea, Which Would Be “One of the Worst Catastrophic Events in History”

It didn’t get much notice, but Sen. Jim Risch made extremely alarming remarks on Sunday at the Munich Security Conference, in which he said President Donald Trump is prepared to start a “very, very brief” war with North Korea that would be “one of the worst catastrophic events in the history of […]


Central Bank Musical Chairs

If recent stock market volatility is interrupting your sleep, Jim Bianco and CNBC’s Rick Santelli are saying, get used to it.  The total assets of all central banks hit $16.4 trillion plus (an all-time high) and these banks now, collectively, own 33 percent of all the world’s sovereign bonds (someone/something had to buy […]


Jean Meslier on Property

Audio:  Transcript: Was Meslier a communist? Smith explores this tricky issue. In the penultimate chapter of his Testament, the atheist-priest Jean Meslier wrote: You and your descendants will always be miserable and unhappy…as long as there is such a great and enormous disproportion of states and conditions; as long as […]


Bug to show for etruel support

fee.org – Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) is an American hero, a man born a slave who sought and achieved his own freedom – and lived to tell the story in writings and lectures. But what strikes me most about h… Tweeted by @feeonline https://twitter.com/feeonline/status/963956060758429696 Reprinted from here

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The Publisher of Newsweek And The International Business Times Is Buying Traffic And Engaging In Ad Fraud

The publisher of Newsweek and the International Business Times has been engaging in fraudulent online traffic practices that helped it secure a major ad buy from a US government agency, according to a new report released today by independent ad fraud researchers. IBTimes.com, the publisher’s US business site, last year […]