Mages of Mystralia: the subtly libertarian action adventure, a recommendation

Hello everyone,

today i’d like to share with you the video game Mages of Mystralia. its an action adventure game where you fight baddies, solve puzzles and help people, but this time you are a mage who can design their own spells in a simple yet powerful way.

but now onto the libertarian part, why i’m posting here in particular. Mages of Mystralia’s setting is one where the main antagonists are an authoritarian government, but that alone doesn’t make it libertarian since anyone can write that kind of story. but what makes it more libertarian in my opinion is its knowledge of economics, its portrayal of the people of mystralia, and a couple other things that i don’t want to spoil at the end.

specifically when it comes to economics, there is dialog in the old mines level where the main character discovers where their money comes from. and it basically gives the origins as a commodity first that later became money, which as far as i know you don’t get Keynesians often acknowledging that so someone there has to know what they are talking about. and when it comes to the people of mystralia, it really shows how most of the people who live under the authoritarian regime actually support its actions since they don’t fully get the atrocities that are happening or experience cognitive dissonance when the main character exposes whats going on. it kind of reminds me of the attitude many americans have towards the crimes committed against people in the middle east. also there was a moment where i had a nice chuckle where they explicitly mention libertarianism on a wanted sign where someone is wanted for “having libertarian views” among other things, although i think that comes from a kickstarter backer who got to have a blurb put into the game as you see things like that on gravestones and wanted billboards.

overall there are a couple things where i wish the gameplay was a bit different but it was definitely worth the 20 bucks for a ~10 hour adventure that i plan to return to in the future. also the puzzles really make you think sometimes

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